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ADHD - Attention, Focus Issues & Hyperactivity

This little girl has been reaping the benefits of homeopathy. Her aggressive meltdowns and outbursts have been greatly reduced, to the point where they hardly ever happen on a daily basis anymore

Some lovely gains for one of my clients...

I began working with A and her mum to address the following complaints:

  • Emotional/Physical outbursts

  • Angry/Violent outbursts

  • Constant Fidgeting

  • Trouble Focusing

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Constipation

  • And some further issues

The feedback I received from mum to A, only two weeks into the second prescription (2nd-month commencing homeopathic treatment).

Hello Amal, I wanted to send you our update since we finished week 2, and today starts week 3 for A's second remedies.
She is doing so well! She has very few aggressive meltdowns and outbursts. I would say that they are not even occurring on a daily basis any longer, but only at certain predictable times when she's exhausted. I have noticed that only now when she is overly tired.

I told her teachers at school about these emotional outbursts, and they were all shocked. So I believe that's a great thing! They said she's a model student, very social, loves to learn, listens, and is eager to please. Those were wonderful things to hear.

A.C, mum to A, seven years old - Florida.

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