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Anxiety and Speech Delay

Homeopathy has been invaluable for a little girl struggling with anxiety, poor sleep, low frustration tolerance, poor mood and speech delay. After only two prescriptions, she experienced drastic improvements.

After only two homeopathic treatments, this young girl has made astonishing progress! Her mother reported witnessing noteworthy developments in multiple aspects of her daughter's life. Even though we still have a way to go, the progress so far is simply incredible!

Overall we've noticed a significant shift since starting V on the most recent course of remedies. Looking back at where we were 6 weeks ago I can't really wrap my mind around how miserable things were - we were truly desperate!
The first two nights after giving the phosphorous she woke up around 10 or 11pm with an earache. We gave ear drops to provide some comfort. The day after her first dose of phosphorous we drove about 15 minutes to a playground. When we reached the playground it hit me that V had been singing in the car instead of screaming - this was HUGE, as car rides with her had become quite miserable again.
After her first dose of carcinosin V had several very large bowel movements (that day and the day after), followed by smaller, foamy bowel movements for two days after. She typically has 2-3 bowel movements a day, but there was a noticeable increase after the remedy.
Within about a week of starting the remedies there was a consistent improvement in her screaming. She seemed more able to be reasoned with and exercise some self control rather than escalating immediately upon getting upset. She could listen as I tried to help her manage her emotions and even take some deep breaths to help herself calm down. This was another huge shift! She also seemed to be trying to say more but her speech was more difficult for me to understand.
The second week there was a little more screaming again and noticed that she was still very tired. She is in a classroom setting twice a week for 1-3 hours - her teacher said she had never seen V talk so much. I also observed that she was more interactive with other kids on the playground as well. This was a pretty good week for her with speech and socializing. My friends also noticed the improvement and commented. We observed the increased bowel movements again after her second dose of carcinosin.
Week 3 and beyond ...
Positives - Upset in the car is much less frequent and less intense. Overall, her speech has improved. She's improving in answering questions, expressing her self more fully, communicating more directly rather than just parroting others, and showing her opinions and preferences more - we're seeing a little more of her personality come out! Without help or prompting she started riding her tricycle by peddling, she's been doing more climbing around the house. She's also getting into everything at home which is frustrating but also normal/developmentally appropriate. We went on a hike with friends yesterday and she completed the entire hike without being carried. She was uncertain of the terrain and did want to be carried but I was able to keep her moving forward. After the hike she was talking about her friends (who were also on the hike) and asking to go to their house.
Overall we have seen some great strides and we are so thankful to be working with you! It's very important to us to help her build confidence and make sure that she has a strong sense of belonging and connection to others. As I read over that last sentence though, I'm almost moved to tears that we can think about that as a goal, rather than just focusing on survival and how to get her to stop screaming constantly. She has come a long way already and we are so very thankful!

Naomi L. USA

Dec 2022

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