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Helping a 7-Year-Old with Asthma

Homeopathy was a real game-changer for a 7-year-old boy struggling to manage his asthma. Using homeopathic remedies, the young patient was able to reduce his reliance on his inhaler and improve his overall health.

Within only a few months of homeopathic treatment, his mother reports he felt an improvement in his Asthma symptoms and even managed to stop using his inhaler altogether. The mother and son have happily noticed the positive changes homeopathy has brought and now recommend it highly as an efficient, safe way to help children cope with their asthma symptoms.

I just wanted to share with you a real success story of ours with Amal of Lotus Homeopathy Clinic in treating my 7 year old son for his chronic cough condition and asthma. My son had been having chest infections and breathing difficulties since the age of 3 after he was exposed to black mould. I am pretty sure that this is where this started as the very night after the day in which we had cleaned out our old house we had been renting where the walls had been covered in black mould (we could only see this once all our furniture had been removed), my son was hospitalised with breathing difficulties and a chest infection.
They diagnosed it as a viral induced wheeze and prescribed him with an inhaler. A couple of months later he was again rushed to hospital in an ambulance having suffered another episode. It was extremely scary watching his lips go blue as he struggled to take enough breaths and listening to his chest rattle. They said his oxygen saturation levels were low and diagnosed asthma this time. So this continued every couple of months. If he got a cold it always turned into a cough, the cough always got chesty and he was wheezing as he struggled to breathe. This meant my super active little boy was missing out on all the favourite things he loved to do as his lungs just couldn’t cope.
He was having lots of time off school and having to resort to a Ventolin inhaler during bad episodes. As we use homeopathy in our family, I tried a few remedies depending on his symptoms and found that it worked and we didn’t need to use the inhaler so much, if at all. But this wasn’t curing him so I knew I had to do something more. I hated the thought of depending on medication that was probably going to cause him long term lung damage and also him not having the life he deserved. So I sought out a homeopath to do constitutional care for him as it was going to take something a bit deeper to make him stop getting these issues.
We started seeing Amal in October last year when he was having episodes once every couple of months or so, to now not ever having an episode since! Our consultations took place on Skype as we live so far away from the clinic, but this meant that Amal could meet my son and talk with us both to get all the history and information she needed. This followed up with regular consultations to keep track of progress. If there were any issues or anything I needed to discuss about him, Amal has been there to guide us through the treatment completely.
The results were remarkable pretty much straight away but Amal has been working hard to completely clear it all from his system. In 7 months my son has had a few colds, especially over winter but it never mounted to much and his cough has not turned chesty and no more breathing difficulties! I am so grateful to Amal for working with us and giving my son his health back. It’s been a fascinating journey and I look forward to working with Amal again for future treatment with my family. I can’t recommend Lotus Homeopathy Clinic enough!

Claire Louise Kilvert-Jones – UK

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