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Postpartum Depression, Hormone Imbalance

Perinatal depression (PDD) can affect new and expectant mothers, characterized by feelings of intense sadness, mood swings, difficulty bonding with the baby, fatigue, guilt and contradicting emotions.

After giving birth to her daughter, Lilly, Kirsty had no idea that she was about to enter the darkest period of her life. After a traumatic birth experience, Kirsty felt disconnected from her baby girl and unable to bond with her - in addition to struggling with overwhelming feelings of guilt and failure as a mother. Fortunately, Kirsty was familiar with homeopathy and decided to take booking for an appointment to seek help. With the help of homeopathy, Kirsty was able to find healing for herself and connect with her baby girl again. Today, Kirsty says she looks back on this experience with gratitude for the transformative power of homeopathy and shares her story with others struggling through similar situations.

"I was in a very dark place after giving birth to Lilly. I found it hard to connect with my beautiful baby girl and felt like a failure. I am so glad I took the step forward to seek help, forever grateful!"

Kirsty P, USA

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