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Teen Anxiety, Depression & Acne

This young lady was facing many troubles, and life had grown almost unbearable. But homeopathy opened up a new world for her - she is now able to reclaim her joy with the ability to "Dance Again"!

This is an update after only three months of treatment for this 15-year-old teen girl. After trying everything and exhausting all options with no progress, her mum decided to give homeopathy a try.

Ava (not her real name) had been displaying behaviours that were out of character. She developed high levels of anxiety, symptoms of depression, her skin began to break out, and her acne became worse over the last couple of years.

She lost interest in her love of dance and sports, no longer wanted to spend time with friends, and her school work began to suffer.

Her concentration and focus became a big issue. She had broken sleep and found it difficult to get to sleep almost every night.

She developed severe mood swings, aggressive behaviour towards her family and siblings and was unable to express her feelings with words.

This change took a toll on Ava's whole family, especially on her mother and fathers relationship with both Ava and between themselves.

She is dancing again!

  • Anxiety gone

  • Acne 80% cleared

  • Focus & concentration are so much better.

  • She is socialising with friends again

  • Mood swings non-exsistant

  • No more Anger and talk back

  • Sleep has improved

  • She is more willing and able to talk about her feelings

  • She is the happiest we have seen her in years

After carefully analysing her case history we were able to pinpoint a particular time in Ava's life, which mum felt was the beginning of this downward spiral. After 3 months of carefully selected remedies, constitutional care, a course of organ support and a detox course she has made remarkable progress.

If you're not getting the results you want from other treatments, why not give homeopathy a try and see what it can do for you?

Get in touch to find out how homeopathy can help with your specific needs.

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