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As a homeopath, I am dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your best potential of health with natural, holistic approaches. Homeopathy is an effective complete system of medicine and offers various tools for treating a range of acute and chronic conditions. Through individualised one-on-one consultations, I can help guide each family member through their unique journey to better health. 

I believe in empowering my clients to take control of their own wellbeing by utilising homeopathic remedies tailored specifically to each person’s individual needs. Together we will create a personalised plan designed to boost the body's ability to heal itself while also mitigating any possible side effects that may accompany traditional treatments.


My goal is to help my clients reach optimum health without invasive procedures or potentially dangerous drugs — allowing them to live life feeling vibrant and energized!


My name is Amal - Homeopath LCHE RSHom

When my own health was at its worst and I wasn't getting the help I needed from conventional medical methods, I decided to try homeopathy. At that time, it was a last-ditch effort to gain control of my health. To my surprise and delight, it worked wonders not only for me but also for my children who had various ailments. Homeopathy provided us all with a natural solution without any adverse side effects – something that traditional medicine could never provide. Now, I'm passionate about sharing the incredible benefits of homeopathy with others so they too can experience the same healing journey that we did.

With extensive training in both classical and practical Homeopathy from CHE London, HDT training with the renowned Ton Jansen, and as a Human Chemistry Natural Balancing Therapist, I am a qualified practitioner offering video consultations to help people around the world understand how homeopathy can improve their overall health and well-being. Together, we can make use of homeopathic practices and lay the foundation for healthier futures.

With my help, you too can benefit from the natural power of homeopathy and experience improved well-being without the harsh side effects of other treatments.

"Amal has helped with my daughter's anxiety, the changes have been incredible and have made a huge difference to all of our lives."

A. Stevens, UK

Common Conditions 
Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, High blood pressure, Chronic pain, Migraines, Hay fever, Insomnia, Digestive issues, IBS, UC, DC.

Babies & Children

Teething, Infantile Colic, Reflux, Gut health, Sleep, Ear infections,

Developmental delays, Behavioural and Emotional issues.

Women's Health

Hormone imbalance, Menstrual problems, Infertility, Pregnancy,

Perimenopausal/Menopausal symptoms.


Support in pregnancy, Labour/Birth,

Birth trauma & Post-birth.

Skin Issues

Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis

Psoriasis, Warts, Verrucas.

Mental & Emotional Health

Anxiety, Panic attacks, Low moods, Depression, Mental health, ADHD, ADD, ASD, OCD

Homeopathy can help with...

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